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woman in storeWalmart has made understanding its own customers a top priority – most recently developing a sophisticated segmentation scheme that reveals the habits, attitudes, and desires of its most important target groups.

Knowledge Networks is pleased to be Walmart's research partner in allowing access to the proprietary Walmart Segmentation Lens; this gives manufacturers the chance to develop marketing strategies and tactics designed to succeed with Walmart's most important target segments: Brand Aspirationals and Price Value and Price Sensitive Affluent shoppers.

These groups have become the backbone of Walmart's customer strategy moving forward; both you and Walmart will grow by looking at every piece of research through the eyes of these key segments.

Knowledge Networks has encoded its entire KnowledgePanel® – the only available probability selected, nationally representative Internet panel – according to the proprietary Walmart segments, making it ideal for conducting research using the Segmentation Lens.

Knowledge Networks was selected for this important role because of our

  • On-line panel sample representation: Our KnowledgePanel® is the only online consumer panel to include national representation of consumers. For Segmentation Lens research, we deliver shoppers of big box retailers, as well as those who have access to a Walmart.
  • Extraordinary design and service: We have earned Walmart's trust through extensive work on a variety of consumer research efforts
  • Wal-Mart savvy: We have deep knowledge of the Walmart shopper.

Walmart customers will be better served by manufacturers who know the shopper segments and how those segments interact with the products they sell to Walmart. And Knowledge Networks is the ideal partner for making the most of your Walmart Segmentation Lens research.

For more information, contact:

Audrey Rosen
646 742-5323

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