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woman with remote Knowledge Networks has applied its unique expertise in measuring both digital and traditional media to create Total TouchSM, a scalable and timely solution for assessing consumer exposure and reactions across dozens of media, including out-of-home.  Cross-media messaging today can encompass everything from mobile to HDTV to print; yet media companies and advertisers alike still seek out "one number" – a metric that sums up the reach of the whole effort.  That is where Total Touch comes in.

NBCU and ESPN both rely on Total Touch to establish the value of cross-media advertising for some of their most important and complex event coverage.  KN can easily adapt the Total Touch method for any media stakeholder, answering such questions as

  • how Internet use was correlated to TV use,
  • how unduplicated reach could be extended by adding media to a "TV-only" buy, and
  • the actual size of the proverbial "two-screen" and "three-screen" audiences.

In particular, the use of this adaptable methodology addresses two important needs in understanding multiplatform media events:

  • out-of-home use, and
  • how much audiences of different media overlap.

Olympics, FIFA World Cup
For the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, for example, KN provided next-day information about 14 properties, including broadcast and cable networks, Internet sites, and mobile Web sites. And ESPN used Total Touch to understand the places and occasions when people were exposed to coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup – watched by 160.4 million viewers in the U.S. alone across all ESPN's platforms. We also can include custom questions about sponsors, product category users, or audience diagnostics that can be used for user analysis and sales applications.

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