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leafSegmentation is perhaps the most used and abused marketing tool. Every business and brand wishes to discover valuable segments, but far fewer understand how to translate a segmentation lens into actions with a high pay-off.  The need for sound segmentation is greater now than ever before – and the pitfalls that lead to unusable segmentations persist.

Knowledge Networks offers clients award-winning advanced segmentation solutions with a purpose. We understand that segmentation is a means to an end; segmenting markets to inform new brand positioning strategies requires different approaches to behavioral targeting segmentations that guide sales force deployment.   We insist that the management destination drives the segmentation design and analytics, whether the destination is

  • brand strategy development,
  • new product development,
  • portfolio management or
  • customer relationship management (CRM).

Knowledge Networks strikes a balance between the art and science of segmentation research. Our segmentations have supported several Ogilvy award winners. In fact, as leaders in the field we have published and presented on the topic at ESOMAR, ARF, PMRG, AMA, MRA, Marketing News, NGPharma and DTC Perspectives in recent years.

Our segmentation research is distinguished by:

  • Cutting edge statistical modeling that yields rich, well differentiated segments that are actionable and reachable.
  • Non-traditional qualitative techniques like Quale® that complement our quantitative analyses to bring segments to life.
  • A marketing-savvy team of experienced research professionals that link the segmentation solution to the business need.
  • Firm process management that includes workshops that bridge the gap from research insights to action, ensuring that the segmentation lives within an organization and influences our interactions with customer and consumers.
  • Collaboration with the entire client team (including brand and business partners, not just research specialists) and agency partners.
  • Importing and sharing insights across our client experiences, from innovative pharmaceutical companies to CPG/fmcg firms and retailers, and media properties.

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