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Superior targeting capability.
Extraordinary analytic value.

With the breadth of KnowledgePanel Profiles, KN is able to target the specific survey respondents you need without wasting valuable time in your custom survey. We can easily target surveys based upon political party identification, primary grocery shopper, or health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes and much more. (Click here to learn more.)

Analytic packages of our most-sought profile information

Going beyond targeting, KnowledgePanel Profiles deliver analytic value. Just a few simple, people-based facts can give you a powerful competitive advantage – effectively rounding out the information you obtain in your custom study.

At the time you are commissioning your custom study, you can purchase affordable KnowledgePanel® Profile Packages (click here for a fact sheet) – in topic specific packages or a cross-topic package – to be integrated into your custom project analysis. For these Profile Packages, the selected key data points are in the following topic areas:

  • Retail behavior and attitudes
  • Political information
  • Hispanic
  • Financial
  • Tech devices/early adopters/influencers
  • Economic attitudes/reactions
  • Media
  • Health

Analysis of KnowledgePanel® Profiles can help you activate your study results with such detail as

  • Where do my targets shop?
  • What is their self-reported health status?
  • What are their lifestyle changes due to the economy?
  • What media are my segments more likely to consume?

Custom profile information and panels – tailored to your needs

In addition, beyond the Profile Packages, you can include any profile data, in your custom project analysis; talk to your KN representative about what topic areas interest you – or use our Knowledge Networks Panel Book as a starting place.

Data Source

KnowledgePanel® Profiles are grounded in a statistically valid sampling method and a known published sampling frame that results in statistical projectability. KnowledgePanel is the only online panel that is representative of the entire U.S. population, thanks to our use of Address-Based Sampling (ABS).

Custom panel creation from KnowledgePanel Profiles

Experience the precision of using KnowledgePanel® Profiles to create custom panels of hard-to-reach specialty groups using pre-identified characteristics based on demographics, behaviors or conditions.

For more information, contact:

J. Michael Dennis

Patricia Graham
312 416-3660

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