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In today's consumer-centric marketplace, tremendous marketing value can be unlocked from simply knowing what people buy in food and drug outlets, and how they respond to new products and established brand marketing events. To accomplish this, the National Shopper Lab captures the actual purchase behavior of over 22 million frequent shopper card holders in the U.S.

In-store purchase behavior enables CPG and HBA companies to

  • drive usage of their brands
  • steal volume from the competition
  • create successful new product introductions
  • develop successful FSI, direct mail and digital coupon efforts
  • activate advertising, trade deals, and consumer promotions that have lasting effect
  • optimally compete

The National Shopper Lab information reveals consumers' purchasing from grocery and drug outlets and provides insights into who is buying and what is being bought. With the NSL you can optimize your businesses to satisfy the ever-intensifying demands of customers.

Behavioral analysis sourced with research-quality data

The National Shopper Lab consists of transaction-based, UPC-level purchase data from which a manufacturer can quantify purchase behavior. Over five million households have CVS loyalty cards, and close to 17 million shop at NSL-cooperating grocery retailers in the Northeast and Southeast U.S. The data's high research quality includes a three-year rolling purchase history with price and coupon redemption information. The demographic profile of these consumers is representative of the total U.S.

Our expertise provides consumer packaged goods and health & beauty aid manufacturers with the ability to uncover new growth opportunities via sophisticated behavioral analyses, including:

  • shopper-card-based controlled store test assessment
  • new product assessment
  • buyer trial and depth of repeat
  • buyer group analysis
  • source of volume
  • marketing mix
  • long- and short-term effects of tactical marketing and advertising efforts
  • assortment evaluations

Gaining consumer insight from in-market experiences

In particular, the National Shopper Lab enables manufacturers and retailers to identify consumers who were exposed to a specific marketing event. Due to the NSL's sheer size and available history, we can match consumers whose purchase data, prior to the marketing event, corresponds with that of affected consumers. This classic "test versus control" or "pre" versus "post" scenario makes it possible for manufacturers to determine the success of their efforts in building volume and share, as well as driving new or repeat buyers to their franchise and quantifying return on investment (ROI) for specific programs.

For consumer packaged goods, health and beauty aid manufacturers, and retailers to transform their marketing programs and in-store planning, the National Shopper Lab is a critical resource that quantifies what products people buy, their degree of loyalty, and the key purchase conditions underlying consumer decisions.



For more information on the National Shopper Lab, contact:

Neal Heffernan
513 559-3922

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