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Knowledge Networks has reinvented Latino research to meet the needs of the online survey age without sacrificing population representation and the sound sampling principles you need.

Online survey research was capturing neither the Latino population, its 50 million voices, nor the information needed to market to $1 trillion in buying power. Knowledge Networks (KN) fills this void by making available a full view of this population using KnowledgePanel LatinoSM, which provides a distinct look at growing U.S. population groups for effective marketing, sound social science research and public policy making. You can read more specifics about KN's unique capability, including our recruitment and panel maintenance here.

You no longer need to rely on expensive telephone surveys or mall intercepts for your Latino survey research. Now you can be sure using KnowledgePanel Latino.

For the first time, you can survey, online, the full spectrum of Latinos. To construct KnowledgePanel Latino, we have taken quality of online panel representation to the next level by providing netbooks and Internet service for the roughly 40% of Latinos who do not have Internet access at the time of recruitment.

The sample for KnowledgePanel Latino uses a dual frame design. The main sample is recruited through the mail using English and Spanish materials. This address-based sample (ABS) is drawn from the U.S. Postal Service's Computerized Delivery Sequence file that covers approximately 97% of the physical addresses in all 50 states. The ABS mail sample represents all households whether they have only cellular telephone service, a landline telephone or no telephone service. The ABS sample is further supplemented with a smaller random-digit dial (RDD) telephone recruitment that specifically targets high density Hispanic areas across the country. This RDD sample is designed to exclusively recruit additional Spanish-dominant households. As a result, KnowledgePanel Latino has the most complete coverage of the U.S. Hispanic population.

KN enables you to:

  • Conduct a full service custom study of Latinos
    • Inclusive of the entire Latino population
    • Spanish Dominant only
    • Spanish Dominant and Bilingual only
    • English dominant only
    • By acculturation level
    • General population samples including Spanish dominant/bilingual persons
  • Execute both online quant and qual studies
  • Gauge attitudes and usage, opportunities for new products, reactions to changes in established brand marketing, brand landscape, and feelings about marketing and media communications. All of these must resonate with the heterogeneous Latino population, who currently represent about 17% of the U.S.
  • Purchase only KnowledgePanel Latino sample, host, field and tab
  • Ask just a few questions via our KnowledgePanel Latino Omnibus. To learn more about this capability click here.

Prescreened Profile Detail

KN's approach recognizes that Latinos are heterogeneous with highly diverse beliefs, goals, experiences, and points of view. We know that "language spoken" is often not the destination considered in surveying Latinos. That is why Knowledge Networks offers a variety of Latino acculturation, behavioral / attitudinal profile variables for use in your research. This suite of variables, highlighted below, will enable you to utilize the appropriate sample view for the business issue at hand.

Table 1. Key Facts Captured for KnowledgePanel LatinoSM
  • Spanish and English
  • Language proficiency
  • Language spoken
Media usage
  • Spanish and English
  • Broadcast and print
  • Country of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Parents'/Grandparents' country of birth
  • # of years in the U.S. (combined with age to capture % of life spent in the U.S.)
Attitudes and values
  • Cultural values and identity
  • Maintaining cultural values through generations
  • Family and kids
  • Life in the U.S.
  • Plans and aspirations



To learn more about Latino research with Knowledge Networks, contact:

Patricia Graham
312 416-3660

Jannet Torres
650 289-2143

For Service Bureau:
Rob Davies
+1 973 770 0844

Alicia DePalma
+1 973 770 0244

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Demographic Comparisons by Language Proficiency

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