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The buzz around social media is impossible to ignore – yet its marketing consequences for specific categories and brands have yet to be systematically evaluated. According to the headline of a recent MediaPost blog by Erik Sass, half of all social media campaigns fail to achieve their goals. To fill this void and address the failures, Knowledge Networks (KN) has two offerings:

The Faces of Social MediaSM Syndicated Reporting

The Faces of Social MediaSM Custom Analytics


MediaPostThe Faces of Social MediaSM Syndicated Reporting

Our syndicated offering is a Joint Research Venture of KN and MediaPost Communications' Center for Media Research providing a consumer-centric view of social media involvement and its effect on purchase decisions for 39 product categories, obtained from survey research on KnowledgePanel. Our key syndicated deliverables also cover the five essential social media user segments and the Faces of Social Media Influence scores for each category.

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The Faces of Social MediaSM Custom Analytics

Knowledge Networks can now take the lead and bring you analysis from social media conversations as an adjunct to our issue-based approach – integrated into your KN survey-based quantitative analyses, or as a stand alone and episodic analysis.

Our analytic capabilities are backed by a partnership with Collective Intellect (CI) and the CI: Insight™ platform, a real-time, automated and organic text-mining & analytics platform that leverages CI’s proprietary semantic engine to process tens of millions of social media conversations daily from over 100 million authors, and provides access to billions of records spanning the last 12 months as the basis of KN’s analysis.

Adding value to our relationship, your Knowledge Networks team of analysts can be your guide for The Faces of Social MediaSM Custom Analytics reporting of:

  • Timely market trends and possible white space
  • Episodic insights for
    • Category
    • Brand
    • Media Campaigns
    • New products
    • Society
    • Specific topics

You can learn more about our custom social media analytics here.


Key Syndicated Deliverables

At the highest level, The Faces of Social Media Syndicated Reporting will tell you what categories are most influenced by social media so that you can make effective participation decisions.

The Faces of Social MediaSM syndicated data gives the C-suite and marketers actionable ongoing information about five key social media user segments – from Evangelists to Active Users to Passive Users.  Second, parallels will be drawn from category-specific comparisons with non-users of social media to address the true incremental effect of social media (SM) on these groups.

social media

For the first time you will have a Faces of Social Media Influence Score for your categories in addition to knowing:

  • the size of the 5 key SM segments
  • what proportion of specific category users are the highest-potential targets in these segments
  • What the highest-potential SM user targets look like demographically
  • How the influence of SM on a specific product category is developing, since we will evaluate trend with two annual pulse checks of the market.

A marketing oriented analysis will be provided of the twice yearly results.  All data will be delivered in an easy to use query tool.



For more information, contact:

For both Syndicated Reporting and Custom Analytics

Patricia Graham
312 416-3660

David C. Tice
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For Syndicated Reporting only

Chuck Martin
603 750-3020

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