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Knowledge Networks (KN) has proven expertise and experience in building custom panels – large and small.  Using our experience in creating the probability-based KnowledgePanel®, we can help you create new panels of respondents recruited for your specific study needs, or develop speciality panels from a subset of our  KnowledgePanel, including those who make up KnowledgePanel LatinoSM.

Notably, KN has created several large-scale panels for the social sciences.  These include the 2007-2009 American National Election Studies (ANES) Web panel, funded by the National Science Foundation and created for Stanford University.  The National Annenberg Election Survey, also tracking change in the electorate for the 2008 general election, involved empanelling approximately 20,000 Knowledge Networks panelists for five waves of surveys between the fall of 2007 and early 2009.

Examples of specialty panels include our Teacher Panel and our Chronic Conditions Panel, both of which are refreshed constantly with the on-going KnowledgePanel recruitment.   Speciality panels for social science and policy research are available for other groups, such as parents, teens, young adults, current smokers, the unemployed, and other groups.

In addition, Knowledge Networks is expert in health care panel creation, connecting clients to medical audiences via our Physicians Consulting Network (PCN®), which enables access to thousands of hard-to-reach, highly engaged specialists.  We offer custom recruiting services and list matching to connect you with your target audiences.  (Click here to see a full list of specialties covered by PCN.)

In addition, you can use KnowledgePanel Profile Packages to create panels based on how America behaves, thinks and feels – including lifestyle choices, media and shopping habits, financial views, technological sophistication, and more.  For consumer knowledge, KN's National Shopper Lab has captured the purchase behavior of millions of frequent shopper card holders in the U.S., enabling manufacturers and retailers to identify those who were exposed to a specific marketing event.

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