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KnowledgePanel CalibrationSM meets the needs of studies involving either

  • exceptionally large sample sizes
  • targeting of very small subpopulations
  • local geographies

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This blended Web sample approach is an effective methodology when compared to conducting the survey exclusively with non-probability opt-in panels. When calibrated, the combined sample sources – KnowledgePanel® and opt-in online samples – result in higher accuracy over the use of opt-in sample alone.

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Advantages of KnowledgePanel Calibration include:

  1. Improved accuracy and sample representativeness. The calibration weights are based on Knowledge Networks' nationally representative KnowledgePanel®, providing a statistical means for projecting the opt-in panel data to the entire national population (for the surveyed group).
  2. Operational and analytic efficiencies. Knowledge Networks manages the coordination and data collection from both samples, producing a single analytic deliverable having a single calibration weight.
  3. Cost effectiveness. The cost of the approach is only modestly different than conducting the study exclusively with opt-in web panel samples, yet the accuracy pay-off is high.

Our approach is used in studies for federal and state government agencies, university researchers, industry associations, and consumer research firms, as well as for custom marketing research studies.

KnowledgePanel Calibration Counteracts Over Estimation
in Opt-in Results

In one specific comparison of calibrated and non-calibrated, the top 2 box agreement results found in opt-in only sample changed between 21% and 42% (see chart below) as a result of applying the KnowledgePanel calibration weights. Here, we are not referring to percentage points; but instead to the metric of percent change between the opt-in results compared to the calibrated result. Were KnowledgePanel Calibration not used, overestimated agreement rates as high as 42% would have affected a business or policy decision.

Agreement Rates for "Early Adopter" Measures (Top 2 box)
by Sample Source and with Calibration

Note: Sample sizes n=1,000 Opt-in Panel, 200 KN Panel, 1,200 Total

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Photo credit: ©Creative Crop/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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A Technique to Blend Probability and Non-probability Internet Samples

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