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With the acquisition of Garcia Research Associates (GRA), Knowledge Networks has extended its expertise and online survey research capabilities within the Hispanic population. GRA’s online Hispanic panel, called Cada CabezaSM, is now part of the KN capability portfolio that you rely on for the data and analysis needed to take action with your Hispanic targeted marketing and media.

Cada Cabeza is a Spanish-dominant opt-in online panel created by research experts who truly understand the cultural nuances of this population. Cada Cabeza was built to provide high-quality marketing research services in the U.S. Hispanic market in a highly collaborative environment, with an emphasis on respect for the respondent.

By applying proven Hispanic research techniques in a truly innovative setting, Cada Cabeza gives clients a clear understanding of Unacculturated Hispanics in the U.S. – an essential and growing force that researchers and marketers must fully understand to build successful brands and services.

Cada Cabeza engages panelists by giving them a portal to access hundreds of Hispanic-related online resources and an online community. With a team consisting of experienced panel managers, creative survey administrators, and a bi-lingual customer service panel hotline, Cada Cabeza delivers an exceptional panel member experience – and quality online data for your decision making.

To ensure national coverage of the Hispanic population, Cada Cabeza takes a two-pronged approach to recruitment:

  • online recruitment efforts targeting a large variety of Web sites: large, medium and small
  • referrals of family and friends by active panelists

Along with KnowledgePanel LatinoSM, Cada Cabeza has helped establish Knowledge Networks as the leading force in Hispanic research, helping clients tap $1 trillion in buying power. Our survey research analytics include Unacculturated, Bicultural and Acculturated Hispanic consumers, as well as those that were without internet access.

KN applies our unique Calibration methodology to blend the samples from KnowledgePanel Latino and Cada Cabeza. When calibrated, the combined sample sources result in the highest available accuracy and therefore certainty of results.

To learn more about Latino research with Cada Cabeza, contact:

Audrey Rosen
646 742-5323

Carlos E. Garcia
818 566-7722

For Service Bureau:
Tanya Yagües Samaduroff
1 800 250-6530

Rob Davies
+1 973 770 0844

Alicia DePalma
+1 973 770 0244

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