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surveyKnowledge Networks helps research and consulting firms of all sizes and public/private sector orientation meet their clients' needs for accurate and reliable data.  We conduct studies for some of the nation's largest and best-regarded research and consulting organizations, who rely on KnowledgePanel® for accurate and reliable measurements of U.S. public opinion, attitudes, and behaviors.  Moreover, we help our customers who cannot afford more costly alternatives, such as RDD and in-person interviewing, by providing a probability-based online solution for their information needs.  We also help other customers with low-incidence studies by providing KnowledgePanel data with which to calibrate survey data from non-probability samples. Confidence in the accuracy of KnowledgePanel studies has been earned over time by the wealth of papers, publications, and books based on KnowledgePanel data (over 400 to date), the results of third-party studies validating KnowledgePanel's accuracy such as reported by Yeager, Krosnick et al in "Comparing the Results of Probability and Non-Probability Sample Surveys", and recommendations of the AAPOR Online Task Force in support of probability-based sampling for measurements of the population.

For large public sector studies, our research experts have years of statistical and collaborative experience. They can bring the full range of Knowledge Networks' capabilities to a project – from survey and questionnaire design to special sampling requests.

Health Care Provider Research

Our Physicians Consulting Network (PCN®) is the only health care research panel that combines senior-level survey expertise with access to thousands of hard-to-reach, highly engaged specialists.  PCN connects research firms with high-value health care professionals, such as oncologists, neurosurgeons and diabetes educators.

We can combine both quantitative and qualitative data collection via our Quale® Suite of offerings.

Data-only Projects Using Representative Samples

Depending on your needs, KN Service Bureau can meet your requirements, including:

  • Service and Sample: KN Questionnaire Review, Scripting, Hosting, Field, Weighting with electronic delivery of results
  • Sample Only:  Respondents directed to survey programmed and hosted on your platform
  • Online Qualitative via Knowledge Networks' Quale® Suite
  • KnowledgePanel Latino Omnibus
  • Knowledge Networks Profile Packages to enrich your analytics (link to our new "Profile Packages" Web page) 
  • KnowledgePanel Calibration

Contact our experts to find the best solution for your research needs.

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For more information, contact:

For Public Sector studies:
Mike Lawrence
202 370-6345

For Private Sector Studies:
Rob Davies
+1 973 770 0844

Alicia DePalma
+1 973 770 0244

For Physicians Consulting Network (data-only studies with health care professionals):
Rob Davies
+1 973 770-0844

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