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A breakthrough in mobile research!

New insights and new information are the backbone of research. The challenge is how to gather ‘more’ in as close to real time as possible.

At KN, we believe that mobile research can meet your need for facts and insights that are actionable and timely, recognizing that technology always plays a role in how people are participating in information gathering. Our QuantM suite uses smartphones for "on-the-go" and “in the moment” research enabling you to learn things about society, physicians, products and brands that were never before possible.

QuantM engages research participants in a whole new way, using smartphone apps to make information requests – be they surveys or other 'tell-me' inquiries.

The key constructs of the QuantM Mobile Solution Suite are:

  1. Eliminate recall
  2. Gather information at point of decision/experience/consumption
  3. Enrich the data: associate information with photos and GPS
  4. Understand consumers over time (diaries or ethnographies)
  5. Recognize that engaging with people in the way they want to be engaged is a means to getting closer to their behaviors and attitudes – and mobile is the place of choice for many Americans.

Our QuantM mobile solution suite is comprehensive and can take the form of:


As a result, examples of what QuantM can provide are:

Our technology partner in this insight-expanding mobile research offering is Techneos, which provides mobile survey, customer and enterprise feedback, panel, ethnography and digital diary solutions. Techneos offers the world's most advanced survey software for mobile phones, PDAs, netbooks and other mobile devices, with clients in over 50 countries and support for over 200 languages.



For more information, contact:

Patricia Graham
+1 312 416-3660

For Service Bureau:
Rob Davies
+1 973 770 0844

Alicia DePalma
+1 973 770 0244

For Health care/Pharma
Joanne French
+1 646 742-5364

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