Bring Faces & Voices into Online Surveys, Focus Groups
and Reporting

Knowledge Networks' Quale® suite of products provides an online venue for people to open up – in ways that result in learning more about what they really think and why they behave in particular ways. You can find facts and insights that better measure the public pulse, or that change your business.

KN's Quale® product suite integrates qualitative insights into quantitative engagements adding analytic punch and insight.

Quale® VideoSM - Candid information you can hear and see, from those telling their story on their own terms, using with-in survey video Q&A; webcams enable survey answers in people's own words with rich detail that is a dynamic qual/quant hybrid.

Recorded Survey Questions

Video Answers in Survey
Click on the image above to see a sample Quale® Video deliverable.
(Streaming Windows Media)

Quale® ProbeSM- Embedded in the survey script or real-time probes using a live moderator who interacts with survey respondents to uncover their needs, opinions and preferences in their own words. Enables you to capture the "why" behind the quant data.

ForumQuale® ForumSM - Standalone large group online events facilitated by a trained moderator to capture attitudes and opinions, across geographies, that can build on the group's ideas. Takes online focus groups to the next level by online interaction with a moderator, polling participants and tabulating results in real time, use of presentations and /or video and recording of entire event.

This innovative Quale approach is particularly effective when conducting segmentations. Knowledge Networks can put faces and voices to key segments and any other custom research and have people tell you, first hand, what they like or dislike most about a public policy, product, and more. Plus, we can integrate the results with our rich KnowledgePanel Profile data as shown in the example deliverable below.

Segmentation Analysis

The Quale Sample and Reporting Advantage

The days of lifeless numbers are gone! Now you can add a people-centric dimension to quantitative surveys by applying Quale capabilities to KnowledgePanel®, Physicians Consulting Network and KnowledgePanel LatinoSM surveys, thereby giving you rich information that text based survey questions alone could not provide. These rich qualitative results are integrated within your research reports – incorporating interaction, multimedia stimulus, moderated probes and group moderation when needed – all online and within your quantitative survey.

Quale Benefits

  • Ability to make quantitative respondents "real" to marketers
  • Vibrant, unstructured or stream-of-consciousness responses that take quantitative surveys to a whole new level of richness
  • Direct tie to within-survey quantitative findings
  • Geographic dispersion
  • Integrated analysis and reporting
  • Lower cost than traditional focus groups

Knowledge Networks Quant-Qual Capabilities




For more information on Integrated Online Quant-Qual Research, contact:

Patricia Graham
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Courtney Buzzell
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For Service Bureau:
Rob Davies
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Alicia DePalma
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