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"Over-the-Top" Video Viewing Surges by more than 30%; Videogame Consoles, Rental Services, Mobile Contribute Strongly

New Knowledge Networks study shows streaming viewing on videogame consoles doubled in one year

NEW YORK, NY; September 8, 2011: A new report from Knowledge Networks shows "over the top" (OTT) video viewing has grown dramatically in just a year — both streamed and downloaded, on stationary as well as mobile platforms. Smartphones, videogame consoles, and video rental services are the main drivers of this trend, with Generations X and Y and Baby Boomers all increasing their OTT viewing.

In the 13-to-54 age group, monthly use of an alternative method for viewing TV programs or movies grew by over one-third in a year, from 26% in 2010 to 35% in 2011. This includes content streamed or downloaded to view on a TV, computer, laptop, smartphone, iPod Touch, or tablet.

Monthly use of any digital service connected to a TV rose almost 50% during the year — from 13% to 19% — within the 13-to-54 population. The study also found that a number of key metrics have doubled since 2010 for this age group:

  • video viewing on Internet-connected videogame consoles (from 6% to 12%),
  • video viewing on mobile devices (from 5% to 10%), and
  • use of a streaming video rental service such as Netflix (from 13% to 26%). (Look for more Netflix data to come from Knowledge Networks in the coming weeks.)

The report demonstrates the strong generational differences in OTT viewing; compared to Baby Boomers (ages 46 to 54), Gen Y (ages 13 to 31) is almost four times as likely to report weekly mobile video viewing (30% versus 8%), and they are twice as likely to watch streaming video weekly (56% for Gen Y, 28% for Boomers).

"The number of platforms that account for significant video viewing is approaching a dozen," said David Tice, VP and Group Account Director at Knowledge Networks. "This poses a variety of challenges — in measurement, accountability, planning, and targeting. But every challenge contains an opportunity to find new efficiencies in reaching key audiences, adding relevance to ads. Video is increasingly un-tethered, but the core elements of the video experience, and the rich context it provides, remain remarkably intact."

The study of 1,013 qualified respondents was conducted in June 2011 using KnowledgePanel®. Built on a representative, random sample of households, the probability-based KnowledgePanel® has set the standard in online surveys for researchers in government and academia, media, retail and consumer product and pharma/health care firms for more than 10 years. Using "address-based sampling," KnowledgePanel provides statistically valid representation of the U.S. population as well as many difficult-to-survey populations.

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