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Menlo Park, CA; October 6, 2009: Knowledge Networks has acquired Dimestore Media, whose unique, proprietary technology enables marketers to measure the effectiveness of digital advertising by adding engaging surveys to online creative as consumers engage in various digital media across the Internet. By integrating Dimestore's technologies and expertise with its own, Knowledge Networks has the ability to deliver powerful insights buyers can use to improve current and future campaigns and quantify the Return on Campaign Investment of digital ad campaigns, as well as those across all media.

"Dimestore has made extraordinary strides in seamlessly integrating research with the online advertising experience, and using that technology to understand campaign effectiveness," said Simon Kooyman, CEO of Knowledge Networks. "More and more, marketers need to define their Return on Campaign Investment (ROCI) – justifying the value of their advertising for improving awareness and purchase intent and other key brand metrics among specific target groups. Incorporating Dimestore into KN gives us the ability to provide that information for campaigns that span digital and traditional media."

Founded in 2008 by Scott Cohen and David Moore – also cofounders of the online ad network 24/7 Media – Dimestore Media (DSM) has developed a uniquely scalable and user-friendly platform, including a survey widget that can be deployed across the internet in conjunction with any display ad media campaign. Dimestore delivers brief surveys before or after people view an online display ad, with the questions appearing in the same space as the ad.

Clients can create their own surveys on the Dimestore platform, or the results of the use of DSM's technology can be integrated into a deliverable using KnowledgePanel®, the only online panel based on a representative sample of the full U.S. population, including cell phone-only and Spanish-dominant Latino households.

Benjamin Theriault, Director of Business Development for Dimestore Media, said, "We are pleased to be joining the Knowledge Networks team, which has a passion for understanding how media campaigns affect consumer behavior, and doing so with technology and research that delivers the clear picture marketers and agencies need. We know the Dimestore platform and techniques will invigorate KN's existing products, and we look forward to continuing innovation with KN's teams of experts in research and analytics that deliver a consumer-centric view that answers ‘Did my campaign work?' "

Knowledge Networks has pioneered in innovative measurement of new and traditional media alike, giving marketers, agencies, and media companies reliable information and analysis for

  • allocating cross-media campaigns so that they will reach targets with greater efficiency
  • measuring ownership of a variety of media-related technologies and services
  • understanding how people are integrating media technologies into their everyday lives
  • assessing the full value that marketers get from advertising across several vehicles related to a single event

Knowledge Networks specializes in solving complex, high-impact problems, providing extraordinary quality and service to leaders in business, government and academia. We work closely with clients to create healthy consumer-brand connections, effective marketing and advertising, sound public policies, and accurate social science research. We have established respected practices in media, marketing, advertising, and government & academic studies. KN excels in study design, analytics, and custom panel creation; we deliver affordable, statistically valid online research through KnowledgePanel® – the only available probability selected, nationally representative Internet panel.

For more information, contact:

David Stanton
908 497-8040

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