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iPods, cell phones, laptops have very different profiles when it comes to how and where people use them to view video, says new Knowledge Networks report

Menlo Park, CA; September 2, 2009: Since 2006, ownership of video iPods has grown by a factor of nearly five, and cell phones with video service have nearly doubled in ownership, according to new Knowledge Networks research among those ages 13 to 54 who have broadband access at home. Net ownership of these two devices and/or laptops has increased almost 50%, from 45% in 2006 to 66% this year – contributing to a doubling (21% to 43%) in net use of these mobile technologies to view video during the same timeframe.

But how these devices are used for video watching is at times dramatically different; for example, the proportion of those who view video on these devices exclusively at home ranges from 31% to 60% (see table below). These are among the illuminating findings in How People Use® Mobile Video, the new report produced as part of The Home Technology Monitor™; this marks the third year Knowledge Networks has conducted this study (2006, 2007 and 2009), allowing for trend comparisons valuable to marketers.

Nearly one-quarter (23%) of those surveyed in 2009 say they own a video iPod, compared to just 5% in 2006, making this device a new media channel of interest. Ownership of a cell phone with video service grew from 6% to 10% during the same timeframe; and laptop ownership has also risen, from 43% in 2006 to 57% this year.

In 2009, 15% of those surveyed "ever" use video iPods to watch video, representing 67% of the video-iPod owners; similarly, 5% of the sample ever uses video cell phones to watch video, equaling 48% of owners. The proportion of laptop owners who "ever use" their laptop for video has doubled – from 18% in 2006 to 35% in 2009.

In addition, video viewing on laptops is much more likely to happen at home; 60% of people who view laptop video say they watch on that device exclusively at home, compared to 38% for iPod viewers and 31% for cell phones viewers.

Trend in Ownership and Video Use of Mobile Video Devices
  Net (all three devices) Video iPod Cell phone with video service Laptop
  2006 2009 2006 2009 2006 2009 2006 2009
Own device 44.9% 65.7% 4.9% 22.7% 5.9% 9.6% 42.8% 57.3%
Ever use for video 21.3% 42.6% 3.4% 15.3% 2.9% 4.6% 18.4% 35.1%
Never use for video 23.6% 23.1% 1.5% 7.4% 3.0% 5.0% 24.4% 21.2%
View video at home* N/A N/A 67.9% 63.1% 54.6% 45.9% 89.4% 86.7%
View video exclusively at home* N/A N/A 18.4% 37.6% 15.6% 30.8% 29.7% 59.9%
Base: Persons P13-54 in broadband homes
* Base: People who use this device for video viewing

The average time spent using each device for video is quite different; a typical laptop viewing session is 33 minutes long, versus 23 minutes for a video iPod and 15 minutes for a cell phone with video service.

"Our research suggests an increasingly important opportunity for content providers and advertisers—the use of mobile devices to access video," said David Tice, Vice President and Group Account Director at Knowledge Networks and director of The Home Technology Monitor™. "We see sometimes dramatically different patterns in how people use these devices to watch video – such as at home versus on the go, or how long people typically view – but a majority of all viewers are willing to watch ads in exchange for free video. This kind of learning is essential to making the most of the mobile video environment."

The study was conducted in March among 816 members of KnowledgePanel® – the only online panel based on a representative sample of the full U.S. population, including proportional representation of Internet non-users and cell phone-only households. The report is part of The Home Technology Monitor™, an ongoing program that tracks ownership and use of new and traditional media devices and services. The margin of error for questions asked of the full study sample is +/- 3%.

Knowledge Networks specializes in solving complex, high-impact problems, providing extraordinary quality and service to leaders in government, academia, and business. We work closely with clients to create sound public policies, accurate social science research, healthy consumer-brand connections, and effective marketing and advertising. We have established respected practices in government & academic studies, media, marketing, and advertising. KN excels in study design, analytics, and custom panel creation; we deliver affordable, statistically valid online research through KnowledgePanel® – the only available probability selected, nationally representative Internet panel.

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