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Total TouchSM study for NBC Universal assessed consumer use of Olympics coverage across three media and a dozen properties

Menlo Park, CA; April 6, 2009: The Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) yesterday awarded Knowledge Networks (KN) and NBC Universal (NBCU) its first place 2009 Research Case Study award for outstanding research that successfully addresses business needs. The award was for a Total TouchSM study KN conducted for NBCU that provided a unique single-source assessment of consumer exposure and reactions to Olympics coverage across media – from broadcast and cable TV to Web sites to mobile media.

"Knowledge Networks brought expertise, creativity, and unique assets to this important project," said Horst Stipp, SVP, Strategic Insights & Innovation at NBC Universal. "We were able to obtain in-depth cross-media information on an overnight basis and use that to understand how consumers were responding to our groundbreaking multi-platform coverage. What we learned will inform our Olympics efforts going forward, as well as our overall understanding of media habits."

The Total TouchSM research allowed NBCU to monitor consumer use of Olympics coverage on a nightly, single-source basis, through interviews with members of KN's KnowledgePanel® – the only online panel based on a representative sample of the full U.S. population. Via roughly 500 interviews per day during a 17-day stretch, the reports based on each respondent's prior day consumption of the Olympics provided NBCU with:

  • management guidance during the Games
  • data that demonstrates the value of NBCU's coverage to current and future advertisers
  • in-depth audience analyses after the completion of the Games
  • general insights into the evolution of media use patterns

Using KN's Total Touch Tabulator application, NBCU was able to easily calculate key metrics, such as

  • time spent and location used for each NBCU Olympic property for each of six dayparts covering a 24-hour day
  • viewing of the Olympics via high-definition, video on demand (VOD), or a digital video recorder (DVR)
  • "Games to date" media cumes, and estimate "total Games" cumes
  • any other non-NBCU exposure to the Olympics
  • product category and NBCU proprietary questions

Among the insights noted in the case study were:

  • Online usage fueled interest in TV, especially among young people: A18-34 who used NBCU's Olympic website watched almost twice as much Olympics coverage on TV during an average day than those who only were TV viewers
  • Just 1% of the average daily Olympics audience of 18-64s used the website or NBCU's mobile content without also viewing on TV at some point in the day
  • On average, 9% of the audience for NBC's primetime Olympics coverage watched out of home – an audience that is not fully counted in standard TV ratings

Dr. Stipp and David Tice, Vice President of the Media Team at KN and director of the Total Touch research, also recently gave a presentation about the Total Touch studies at the Advertising Research Foundation's annual convention.

NBC Universal has rights to the Olympic franchise through the 2012 Summer Games. They have been conducting Olympic research with KN since acquiring the rights to broadcast the 1988 Summer Olympics. NBC has broadcast 11 Olympics, the most Olympics broadcast by any network. NBC surpassed ABC's 10 Olympics with the 2008 Beijing Games, the most watched television event in U.S. history with 215 million viewers.

The 2010 Vancouver Games mark the sixth of an unprecedented seven consecutive Olympic broadcasts by NBC Sports. The impressive streak began with the 2000 Sydney Games and continues through the 2012 London Games. NBC has broadcast eight of the last 10 Olympic Games, both summer and winter; Vancouver will mark the ninth out of the last 11.

Knowledge Networks specializes in solving complex, high-impact problems, providing extraordinary quality and service to leaders in business, government and academia. We work closely with clients to create healthy consumer-brand connections, effective marketing and advertising, sound public policies, and accurate social science research. We have established respected practices in media, marketing, advertising, and government & academic studies. KN excels in study design, analytics, and custom panel creation; we deliver affordable, statistically valid online research through KnowledgePanel® – the only available probability selected, nationally representative Internet panel.

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