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Knowledge Networks' senior staff can support researchers at all phases of study design.  Working with an individual client's level of experience and need, we can take the lead or a supportive role at any stage within the research process – from as early on as development of hypotheses and research questions, to as late as review of articles ready for submission.

Areas where our experienced staff provides service to researchers include:

Research Development:  We can assist you in the development and refinement of a research idea, including drafting hypotheses and research questions.

Study and Sample Design:  Knowledge Networks (KN) can help researchers identify the most appropriate study design and data collection methodology to meet study needs and budgets.  While KN's cornerstone is KnowledgePanel®, to meet investigator objectives, we can go beyond internal resources to survey targeted population groups, such as RDD, ABS, and purchased list samples.  Our senior staff is experienced in the full complement of data collection methodologies – traditional and innovative, on- and off-line – and can help identify the best one for your study.

Questionnaire Design:  Some clients prefer to provide their own survey instrument for use on KnowledgePanel.  Others would like us to take the lead or partner with them in this process.  We can work with clients to turn study questions and hypotheses into a survey instrument.  We can also help clients pretest their instruments through qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Data Analysis and Reporting:  For data collected on KnowledgePanel, our team of statisticians, led by Dr. Charles DiSogria, provides clients with study weights that ensure final samples represent their target populations.   In addition to providing final weighted data, KN can provide data analysis and reporting, from complex statistical modeling and segmentation to simple identification of key descriptive findings.  We can help with preparing manuscripts for submission to peer review journals, or the development of press releases to communicate findings to a lay audience.

For more information, contact::

Jordon Peugh
646 742-5334

Wendy Mansfield
202 686-0933

Bill McCready
312 416-3682

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