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"We make continual strides to maintain our panel's sample representativeness and capacity to support accurate measurements of public opinion, attitudes, and behaviors.  We have approximately 400 papers and articles – and even a few books – that have been published, with many more in process, which feature data from KnowledgePanel." — Mike Dennis, EVP, Knowledge Networks

Through methods research and survey innovation, Knowledge Networks continues the evolution of KnowledgePanel® – our probability-selected, nationally representative online panel.  Since its inception, KN has worked to improve this superior resource by overseeing a host of studies that have borne scientific scrutiny of our Web panel methodology for related papers).

KN realizes the value in helping our customers evaluate our approach.  Our commitment to scientific transparency is evident in our participation at the annual meetings of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the American Statistical Association, where we share our latest methodological findings.

Over the years, our staff have conducted dozens of methodological research studies, either with KN support or in collaboration with our customers. Topic areas range from the transition from RDD to ABS-sourced sampling; Web panel response rate reporting; and panel conditioning studies; to topics that are also central to the evolution of non-panel survey research, including:

  • Studies of survey mode effects
  • Non-response bias
  • Optimal questionnaire design use of respondent incentives, and
  • Methods for gaining respondent cooperation.

Our online panel experts are open to your questions and ideas; please contact us anytime.


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Methodological Studies

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