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[ Brand Equity Measurement and Tracking ]

Brand equity is essentially an expression of a brand's value or strength. Sometimes termed brand resonance, brand power or some other euphemism, it can be gauged in financial terms as well as customer-based measures.  Brand equity can be measured for product and service brands as well as corporate brands.

Sound brand equity research informs brand positioning strategies and guides the development of communications.  It also provides a framework in which to accurately measure the performance of an organization's most important assets – its brands. 

Far beyond basic awareness and usage

Knowledge Networks performs sophisticated customer-based brand equity measurement and modeling for clients who seek diagnostic and prescriptive guidance that cannot be derived from a dollar value or a simple ranking in a business magazine.  KN's approach goes far beyond basic awareness and usage tracking; instead, we tease apart the building blocks essential to your brand's health and uncover the optimal pathways to strong brand equity.


Essential Brand Building Blocks

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From Kevin Lane Keller's Brand Resonance Model
from Strategic Brand Management (1998 & 2002, Prentice Hall)

KN's disciplined approach to customer-based brand equity measurement involves:

  • Identifying the optimal routes to strong brand equity via sophisticated statistical modeling;
  • Demonstrating the effect of strong brand equity – in terms of market share, customer acquisition, brand loyalty and other desirable outcomes;
  • Pinpointing changes that will drive the brand's equity and, ultimately, the market outcomes;
  • Mapping your brand's equity against that of key competitors to help you stay one step ahead;
  • Establishing a reliable and valid framework to pulse the health of your brand over time; and
  •  Developing a single measure of brand equity that can feed into management scorecards.

KN's brand equity engagements have touched many industries and audiences, including pharmaceutical brands, health care providers, consumer packaged goods (fmcg), food and beverage brands and media properties. In fact, KN's brand equity frameworks have been adapted to the measurement of customer loyalty, brand reputation and media engagement.




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