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Knowledge Networks' in-house Advanced Analytics team has a track record of building innovative research that impacts a client's bottom line, finding just the right balance of rigor and efficiency.  We believe in a transparent, "no black box" approach; KN makes its modeling practices and findings accessible, which gives our clients greater confidence in basing even multi-million-dollar decisions on our findings.

KN clients also benefit from the seamless collaboration between our Advanced Analytics and Client Service teams; we often involve the analytics group early in key engagements – to establish client needs and the best ways to meet them – and continue the integrated teamwork throughout. 

Led by Dr. Ellen Veccia, KN's Advanced Analytics team has decades of experience working with major pharmaceutical, health care, packaged goods, and retail clients; our tool kit includes:

Market segmentation (strategic and tactical)

We specialize in striking a balance between the art and science of segmentation, applying it to brand strategy and new product development, portfolio management, customer relationship management (CRM). and more
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Key driver analysis

KN integrates stated and derived purchase drivers and identifies current and hidden drivers of choice in the marketplace – for consumers, prescribers, and others.
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Discrete choice & conjoint modeling

Whether you are changing a product or introducing a line extension, these approaches offer an excellent way to configure or re-configure features to achieve optimal preference share. 
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Maximum difference scaling

Ratings scales or rankings do not capture distinctions that are important to business decisions. Forced choice methods utilizing Maximum Difference Scaling are superior because they assess the relative importance of different factors, as well as the magnitude of differences.
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Our optimization suite can also handle large numbers of product alternatives, which is essential when determining product mix and price points (e.g., optimizing the shelf set for an entire category, such as cereal). Other commonly used modeling techniques include Maximum Difference Scaling and KN’s next generation TURF analysis called MaxUr Plus.


This technique enables you to maximize potential product or promotional offerings by discerning unduplicated purchase intent of potential products or line extensions.  In this way, you can find your largest target market with the fewest number of products or offers, thereby optimizing profitability.
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We also have extensive experience in:

  • Conjoint analysis
  • Marketing event analysis
  • Matched panelist testing
  • Perceptual mapping/Correspondence analysis
  • Structural equation/Path modeling
  • Reach analysis, including proprietary approach/tool


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