Tablets Linked to Outsized Internet Consumption
in KN Cross-Media Research

tabletNew cross-media research from KN's MultiMedia Mentor® demonstrates that tablet technology is a game changer for Internet use, moving large quantities of time away from PCs and laptops and onto smartphones and iPads (or other tablets).

The research – from the Spring 2011 MultiMedia Mentor® data – shows that tablet-owning consumers (ages 18 to 64) spend 48% more time with the Internet daily – 4 hours, 19 minutes, compared to 2 hours 55 minutes for all 18-to-64 consumers.

Tablet owners devote, on average, 55 minutes daily to accessing the Internet on their tablets; social networking, gaming, and search take up about half (24 minutes) of that time. Among iPad owners, 35 to 49 year olds give the most time to social media – 16% of their total Internet time.

The research also presents strong evidence that tablet ownership is a marker for other advanced tech characteristics; 92% of tablet owners also have a smartphone, and they are 40% more likely to have a DVR than the general population.

For Mentor, Knowledge Networks conducts roughly 5,000 extensive interviews each year with members of KnowledgePanel® about their use of eight media – as well as their consumption of soda, their car purchasing plans, and hundreds of other other key profile data points. Clients access this data via proprietary, Internet-based software that facilitates efficient media planning and ad targeting.

Mentor is also the basis for Total TouchSM, a custom, scalable solution for assessing consumer exposure and reactions across dozens of media platforms, including out-of-home exposure. ESPN and NBCU are among the companies that have used Total TouchSM to measure media audiences for key events.

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