Have You Found the Value That Social Media Channels Can Yield?

3 womenWe have.

Turning data into actions is never easy. Measurement, analysis and learning are often the biggest bottlenecks in the marketing organization, when trying to figure out how to use new information sources to create new business value and opportunities.

This is certainly the case with social media (SoMe), which remains the reigning champion among emerging marketing channels that researchers are trying to tap into. But marketers’ enthusiasm is burning less brightly than last year, suggesting that we have passed the peak of inflated expectations and are focused on finding the value that social channels can yield.

Through The Faces of Social MediaSM, Knowledge Networks and MediaPost Communications have bridged this key value gap in social media research — giving marketers a look at SoMe’s impact on their categories.

We welcome your participation in this multi-client study, which will field its third wave in December.

"Faces" delivers an overall understanding of social media adoption and usage among 5 SoMe segments: passive users, active users, and evangelists, as well as non-SoMe users.

This study answers the question of how you can harness the potential of social media while still making informed use of your category marketing and media dollars. Do you know how well your categories perform in the current landscape, depicted below?

Faces of Social Media Segments
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Why should your firm participate? Frankly, marketers are under intense pressure to accomplish more with less. Online channels, with low cost barriers, are an attractive way to complement traditional marketing efforts. More importantly, when the emerging channels such as SoMe are backed with systems for capturing, managing and distributing crucial data regarding customer/prospect behavior in your categories, they become golden opportunities for personalizing marketing campaigns and reaching customers with more timely, more relevant messages as well as building stronger customer relationships.

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With "Faces" gearing up for its third wave of measurement, subscribers can take advantage of this opportunity to add your categories!

Learn how The Faces of Social Media can provide concrete guidance on using social media for your categories.

For more information, contact:

For both Syndicated Reporting and Custom Analytics

Patricia Graham
312 416-3660

For Syndicated Reporting only

Chuck Martin
603 750-3020

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